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Spinal curvature - or scoliosis - is the most common deformity of the spine. It’s estimated that minor curvature affects one in 20 girls and more serious curvature affects two adolescents in every thousand. Yet it is one of the most neglected medical conditions - particularly in Britain. If you have scoliosis and live in the UK, you will know from your own experience that most people have never heard of it. Also, you may not have been diagnosed until long after it developed.

More and more research is now being done on many key areas relating to scoliosis. In terms of treatment, medical professionals have tended to concentrate on the benefits of surgery to reduce both curvature and pain levels. Only limited research, for example, has been done on the possible benefits of an exercise programme – particularly when scoliosis begins to develop in a young and supple spine.

It is also important to stress that an exercise regime would NOT be appropriate for all cases of scoliosis – if your curvature is advancing very rapidly to the point that it is threatening your vital organs, surgery is likely to be the only solution for you.

This website has been set up to try to gather more information on the best possible treatments for scoliosis. Our aim is to ensure that patients and parents considering surgery know more about the risks and uncertainties surrounding it - and what alternatives are out there.




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The information on this website is not intended to, and does not, in anyway, constitute medical advice. The material is provided for information purposes only. It is based upon the Authors’ personal experiences. Please consult your qualified medical professional.